DigitalPower Strategy Session

Book a Strategy Session

Digital Power Strategy Session:

Need some clarity and direction of what digital can do for your business?

Have you been spending on digital marketing and not seeing much results?

Digital tools for your business is more than social media.
Book a one-on-one session today and you’ll get a 60 minute consultation in which we will review your business operations and your current use of technology. You will come away with recommendations and an action plan for success.

The outcomes of the session will include:

  • Recommendations for using digital tools to make your business run smoother
  • Identifying tools that you can implement to help you work smarter
  • Getting your business online
  • Recommendations for getting found online and selling more

What is included:

  • 60 minutes one-on-one time.
  • Pre-session questionnaire.
  • Post-call recommendations with downloadable worksheets and guides.

Total Cost:


On completion of payment you’ll be directed to a pre-session questionnaire. Complete and submit the questionnaire and you’ll receive scheduling details. You can pick a time that is convenient for you from the available appointment slots.

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Thank you for getting this far. Have you checked out my blog for how-to guides or the resources page for free downloads.