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Smart Work!

Hard work is smart work.

Work smarter, not harder…

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase many times. There are times when this is true but oftentimes we apply it to everything.

Working smarter can certainly save you time and money and I’m an advocate of working smarter and gaining every ounce of efficiency available to you.

But hard work has its merits and should not be discounted.

There are times when all that is required is putting your back into it and working hard.

As a working mom, you’re usually working on your business and managing the children’s activities as well.

Depending on their age ranges, you’re making time to attend sports events, helping with homework amongst other things.

When my daughter was in primary and secondary school, I found that I had to schedule work later in the day so I could have the luxury of attending school activities and bedtime routines.

This meant long days and hard work.

Currently, I’m working on a project – ReadySetWork.

For the project team, we’ve streamlined, delegated and outsourced as much as we can but even still for every week – 13 weeks – we have to put in the work to deliver great, life-changing content to 5,000 students across 3 centres.

It’s incredibly fulfilling work and we have a great time doing it.  But by Saturday evening we all know we’ve worked hard.

Same goes for my consulting business. I can automate a lot of things but I can’t automate my insights and presence.

And that is what my clients want from me.

I still have to put in the work to build relationships, create meaningful content and even to set up the automations.

There is hard work everywhere you look.

I see many headlines offering 6-figure incomes at the press of a button but the reality is that there is no 6-figure income without putting in the hard work first.

And to be honest the hard work never really ends. As you achieve one goal, you set yourself another and it goes on. This is why it’s important to be doing work you enjoy in the first place.

My family and friends will tell you that I work very hard. But to me my work is fun and fulfilling so it doesn’t really feel like work. Although after a Saturday of being on my feet from 8am to 5pm, my body knows I worked hard.

Don’t be fooled by promises of success with minimum effort.

Be prepared to put in the work and have a blast while doing it.

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