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What would it mean to you if your system could run on auto pilot? Would you be able to go on holiday? Spend more time with your children, pursue a hobby or perhaps just get some well deserved rest?

Like many business owners you may be exasperated at how much your employees rely on your presence to get anything done. You’ve tried hiring up and paying a bit more but you still find yourself constantly pulled in different directions with all the business needs. You’re not alone, many leaders in growing businesses are faced with this problem.

And there is a solution to the problem…

Well designed systems will help you run your business more efficiently. Your business will depend on systems rather than on people and deliver consistent results. With a well designed system, you gain freedom as your business will not depend on your presence to function.

Business process design involves breaking down all the activities that are carried out in your organisation into distinct workflows. This means that each task is broken down into the steps required, it’s clear who’s responsible for each task and how long it should take. You can also build in checks and balances to minimise errors or wastage.

Investing in setting up processes and procedures will give you the ability to hand off tasks for others to complete easily. Your employees will be able to deliver to your standards by following tried and tested checklists and guides for every activity.

You’ll also find it easier to train new employees when you have documented your operations and policies. And the employees will find it easier to deliver when they have clear guidelines to follow.

And most importantly, you’ll save yourself from burning out. Business owners tend to burn the candle at both ends, doing the work of more than one person just to keep the business going. Even if you are a small business, using the correct tools will enable you automate some tasks and save yourself a lot of stress.

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