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Recap – Who are you?

I learnt so much last week.

I’m at my happiest when I’m learning new things.

If I had more hours in the day I’d probably spend 24 hours learning something new.

I’ve been working on education projects for a couple of years now and someone referred to me as an educationist recently.

It struck me just how much we like to attach labels to everything; I think it makes it easier for us to compartmentalise.

If someone fits in an easily defined box, it makes us feel comfortable and in control.

The harsh reality of life is that people don’t  fit into easily defined compartments. You are more than a banker, a computer guru, an engineer – you are so much more.

You are a mother, father, sister, friend, colleague, student, teacher and so on.

And at different times you are happy, sad, anxious, angry – sometimes, all at once.

How can one label define all that you are, all that you do and the essence of you?

I think we all have so many facets that to box a person into one is to limit their potential.

We can all wear many different hats and have many labels.

I have no formal “education sector” qualifications but I’m certainly well informed about the issues in the education sector.

I’ve been researching and talking to professionals in the industry for a few years. I love to teach and I’m certainly passionate about changing the status quo in our education sector.

Am I an educationist? You tell me..

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  1. Hmmmm. True. And I am knocking my head trying to look for a compound word to lable myself.

    I am me depending on what I’m doing when you meet me. Thanks Ma’am.

    Yes you are an Educationist!!

    1. Banke Alawaye

      Hi Samuel

      Thank you for stopping by.

      I understand the frustration of feeling you can’t accurately describe what you do.

      But remember that there is also power in focus. You can bring all the different parts of you into something awesome when you focus.

  2. This article struck my attention! Was more captivated by your response to Mr Sam’s feedback. I’d been finding a label for myself too. I think my passion makes me an Educationist. I initially trained in Accounting but had always found myself in the educational sector. This led me to pursue a course in Educational Foundations (Guidance & Counselling). I enjoy every bit of it.

    Ma’am, I was under your training last weekend in RSW and I think I will prefer to call you an Educator rather than an Educationist.

    Keep up the good work ma!

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