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The power of making the right first impression can’t be underestimated.

That is what your email address does for you. It creates a powerful first impression and tells people how seriously you take yourself and your business.

Having a professional email is essential for any business person. A professional email is yourname@yourcomany.com

If you’re still sending emails from lolisko2001@yahoo.com, I can assure you most of your emails end up in the spam folder or are deleted without being opened.

Getting a professional email is pretty easy and inexpensive. And you can do it yourself. This is the first step to harnessing the power of the internet for your business.

There are several reliable providers who provide a hosted email solution for small businesses. I use Google’s Gmail for Business.

Google provides a hosted email solution through their G Suite cloud services. This is essentially Gmail for business. If you already use gmail, then this would be a great option as you’re already familiar with the interface.

Google for business costs $5 per user per month. It comes with a suite of additional products and storage for your small business which makes it a great choice for a small business.

For free email hosting, check out Zoho

Steps to set up email on G suite

Go to G-suite for Business and Click on Get Started

Follow the steps in the setup wizard and you’re ready to start using your custom email address. The entire process will take less than 30 minutes.

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