Presentation Design Masterclass

Presentation Design Masterclass for Non-Designers

Learn how to communicate your ideas effectively.

This course teaches design principles for creating beautiful, professional presentations. You’ll also learn how to structure your ideas and data to tell a story that will convince your audience.

Who is this class for: This course will be helpful for almost anyone who delivers slide-based presentations in a professional or academic context. No previous design experience necessary.

Course Content

  • Basic design principles
  • Selecting the right fonts
  • Using a simple background
  • Choosing Colours
  • Using images for impact
  • Presenting complex data

These principles can be applied using all the popular presentation software including PowerPoint and Keynote. This course assumes a working knowledge of presentation software. It does not cover the technicalities of each package but an overview of presentation design principles and skills.

Course Fee: N65,000

For Powerpoint and Keynote specific courses click here to leave your details.

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