Presentation Design

Masterclass for Non-Designers

Learn how to communicate your ideas effectively.

This course teaches design principles for creating beautiful, professional presentations. You’ll also learn how to structure your ideas and data to tell a story that will convince your audience.

Who is this class for: This course will be helpful for almost anyone who delivers slide-based presentations in a professional or academic context. No previous design experience necessary.

Course Content

  • Basic design principles
  • Selecting the right fonts
  • Using a simple background
  • Choosing Colours
  • Using images for impact
  • Presenting complex data

These principles can be applied using all the popular presentation software including PowerPoint and Keynote.


This course assumes a working knowledge of presentation software. It does not cover the technicalities of each package but an overview of presentation design principles and skills. This course can be customised to suit your organisation as needed. Please state your requirements in the enquiry form.

What participants had to say

Training was very insightful and lots of new stuff learnt. Would recommend most definitely and Presenter was very fantastic. Great thumbs up for Banke Alawaye.
Jibiya Jibrin Baros
An insightful session. Learnt a lot about meeting the expectations of your audience through compelling presentation designs
Toke Olukoga

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