How to Schedule Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

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Google calendar comes with Google suite for your domain and it offers many powerful features to keep you organised. It can do so much for you with just a few clicks.

Learn how to schedule appointment slots using Google Calendar. So, let’s say you offer a service and you want potential customers to book an exploratory call with you or maybe schedule a time to meet with you. You can create appointment slots on your calendar, make it available on your website and just like that, people know when you’re available without having to call you first.

If you’re not already using Google Calendar see how to get started here:  Take control of your Schedule like a Boss with Google Calendar

Consultant with limited hours to book meetings, or want to limit the times your team can book time with you to certain times of day? Use Google Calendar to setup appointment slots. Click To Tweet

So how does it work?

Open Google Calendar and in your calendar grid, click an empty time slot and click Appointment slots.

Google Calendar Appointment Slot


Create an Appointment slot in Calendar

Add a title and choose a date and time

(Optional) If you want to create your appointment slot on another calendar, at the bottom next to your name, click the Down arrow arrow_drop_down and select the calendar.

Select slots_with_duration and the duration of each appointment.

To create a recurring appointment slot, click More options and select the frequency.


Google Calendar Appointment Details

Click SAVE.

Your appointment block shows as a single event on your calendar, with a grid symbol in the top-left corner. As people book appointments, they’ll appear as regular events overlapping the appointment block.

Google Calendar Appointments View


Sharing your Calendar for Appointment booking

To share your calendar, click on an appointment slot and select Options, click on Publish event from the drop down menu.

You can now copy a shareable link or the html code to embed the calendar on your website.

Google Calendar Publish


Google Calendar Publish Event


Your users will now be able to add an appointment directly into yours and their Google Calendars. To cancel the appointment, all they have to do is delete the appointment on their Calendar and it will be deleted in yours too.

Make sure to switch on your notifications for your calendar so you’ll know every time someone books one of your appointment slots.



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