Girls-in-Glasses: Opportunities for Women in Tech

Hi there. Thank you for stoping by to read this post. I started Girls in Glasses a few years ago as a way to find and nutture talented women interested in the tech world.

I’m afraid to say I have’t been very consistent in this quest. While I’ve provided some support to women over the years, I haven’t created any structure to keep up with the women I’ve supported and to attract new people.

Well, that is about to change. And you’re going to help me to do it. Our first step is to collect information so please take a few minutes to fill out this form.

Whether I’ve helped you in some way or we’re yet to meet. Please complete the form so that I can track your progress, send your information on opportunities or arrange a time to meet with you.

My goal is simple. To help and support women in tech by 

  1. Providing mentoring to take your tech related idea to launch and/or grow your business
  2. Providing support and information to help you find our path to becoming a woman in tech
  3. Create a community of women tech service providers and connect you to job opportunities

The stats show us that there is a rising number of women running small businesses but they rarely start tech companies. 

Even as employees, working in a tech environment the typical experience of a woman in tech is being in the minority. You’re probably the only girl on your team. 

Why is that? Most girls are not encouraged to follow a career in technology. At the crucial stage when they’re making choices about course of study, they are expected to maintain an invisible code and not show an interest in technology. 

Please complete this form to get started. Together we win!

I welcome your comments, suggestions, and opportunities for the community. You can leave a comment below, reach me on social media or send an email to hello@bankealawaye.com

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