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I’ve worn glasses since I was about age 8 and I hated them. So much that I pretended I could see without them for a long time. Looking back, I can laugh at the foolishness of my ego. I wanted to look cool and the cool kids didn’t wear glasses.

So I had to sit in front in class so I could see the board, pretended to see things at a distance when others were looking and generally walked around in a blurry world. I joke now when I don’t recognize someone I went to school with that I never actually saw them clearly then.

When I started working my glasses became my shield from a world where people thought a pretty girl couldn’t be clever. I put them on like a suit of amour saying ‘hey look at how intelligent and professional I am’. It made me feel protected but I was really just hiding behind them.

I have since made my peace with wearing glasses. Found my inner cool kid who doesn’t need external validation from anyone and most importantly I’m confident enough in my abilities not to need props to display my super powers.

I still find glasses to be an inconvenience sometimes. I have a pair for when I’m working on my laptop for long periods and people often stare or comment when they see me whipping out a pair when I already have one on. I promise you varifocals don’t cut it when you’re staring at a screen for a long time.

Do you wear glasses? What’s your story?

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  1. My story is quiet simple. I took my mum eyes and I could remember that she always complained about her eyes. Actually I had known I will one day put on glasses, because of the defection in my eyes. Yet, I also notice I could manage.
    What I wish actually happened . I could remember the first day I put it on my friend comments were positive. Everyone kept saying I look good on glasses. Well, I had since then put on glasses until lately 2015, I just stopped. I stopped because I losed my glasses. The funniest thing was that I had since then procrastinating to get another one.
    I did made an attempt visiting two optician, they both gave me a new prescription and the cost. Yet I am still procastinating it. I still have a desire to be putting on glasses because its make me look smart and make me feel responsible. Actually, I had witness that often time and I believe it. I am an avid reader. Hope you understand why I will still need my glasses.

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