5 affordable branding strategies for your small business.

5 Affordable branding strategies for your small business

A lot of people associate branding with larger companies, because they think of it as an expensive business activity. Yes, larger companies can afford to be generous with their budget on branding but that in no way hinders small businesses from having an impeccable branding strategy. 

In this article, we highlight 5 inexpensive ways small business owners can contribute to their branding exercise without breaking the bank. 

1) List your business on Google

Google owns more than 60 percent of all search traffic, and you don’t want to miss out on its perks.  You should make use of some of Google’s products, and Google My Business may just be where to start. 

Google My Business is an easy and cost-effective way to make your business more discoverable to customers who are very interested in making a purchase. Not only does Google My Business makes it easier for your customer to find you, but it can also help improve your search ranking in Google if you have a business website.  You can get started here

2) Leverage on social media

With over 2 billion worldwide users already there, social media has quickly become perhaps the most important channel for small business owners to promote their brands because of the numerous benefits small business owners can leverage on. Social media provides business owners a platform to generate leads, increase traffic to their websites, monitor their competitors and build trust all at the same time. The best part? It is very cost-effective!

3) Use free tools

In this digital age, there are tons of free digital tools small business owners can use for their branding without having to spend a lot of money – better still some of them are completely free. A few examples include WordPress for web design, Canva for branded materials, Mailchimp for Email marketing among others. 

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4) Collaborate when you can

A time-tested way to increase your brand awareness is to collaborate with other businesses or influencers with the same type of audience as you. Think about what your brand represents and what your target audience is interested in, then identify businesses with similar goals and you both can brainstorm ways to work together. For example, an NGO with a focus on youth empowerment can collaborate with a skills training institution, a gym can partner with a keto food vendor and so on. 

5) Put in the work

It is good to plan and map out strategies but the magic doesn’t start until you put in the work. It is only when you start that you are able to measure your effort, analyze what works, and what doesn’t. This analysis provides you with valid information to improve on subsequent strategies.

There you have it- some of the most amazing branding strategies that don’t cost a lot of money and small business owners can leverage on them to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

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