Long week, Long relax

Opened up my eyes and glanced at the clock; it was 5:30 am.

I needed to get ready for readysetwork at LASU.

I hopped in the shower and in an hour, I was good to go.

The road was being fixed and it turned out to be a rainy day it’s a 2 and half hour journey to get there.

I used to get up at 5:30am before now, when I took my daughter off to school.

All through primary and secondary school, that was our routine.

Nowadays, I only get up early if I have an event that requires it.

You know, I think I’ve earned the right to a few extra minutes in bed 🙂

ReadySetWork is one the of many projects I’m currently working on. It’s an initiative by the Ministry of Education Lagos State to prepare graduates of Lagos State tertiary institutions for the world of work either as employees or entrepreneurs.

The project is run with a volunteer faculty and in partnership with the private sector, is immense hard work for the project team as we’re managing 2,000 students over three campuses on opposite ends of Lagos.

However, the commitment and passion to cause of the team is enough motivation to get through the grind.

I am always in awe of all my colleagues who make this happen every week for 13 weeks.

As the readysetwork scholars broke out for the ICT sessions for the day, I dashed off to Yaba for the inauguration of the first intake at Girl Code Academy.

I’m honoured to be a mentor on the program and really excited by initiatives that encourage girls to be active participants in the technology industry.

I got a chance to speak to the girls and encourage them to continue to reach for their dreams.

The girls have signed up for a six week weekend programme that will equip them with basic programming and web development skills.

The girls spoke about their expectations from the program and it ranged from better employment opportunities to entrepreneurship aspirations.

I am excited to see how they get along.

My long and tasking week ended with a manicure and pedicure.


Self love is an important part of any successful woman’s toolkit. You have to take the time to recharge so that there’s more to give.

What was your week like?

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