This week has been as busy as most of my weeks are, nothing new to that.

What stands out to me is the most random occurrence of the week.

I was sitting in a meeting room with a bunch of people discussing a project and the table leg fell off and landed on my leg.

I’ve sat at that table many times before and didn’t notice there was anything wrong with the table. But on this particular day, the leg gave way and managed to hit my knee and ankle… ouch!

Everybody was super sympathetic and someone even found an ointment and gave my ankle a good massage ( I wish I could have gotten a full body massage but let’s not push our luck, shall we?).

We relocated to another room and continued our meetings.

As I headed down the stairs after the meetings, I realised that the knee actually hurt quite a bit. This was an end to my planned outing for the afternoon and I headed home to hot compresses and pain killers.

Why am I telling you about my random table incident?

It just reminded me that sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control.

No matter how well you have planned and prepared, life happens.

When things happen that throw your plans out of kilter, that’s the time to practice your adaptability and resilience. Sometimes, you may just have to adjust your sails and keep on moving and other times? Accept a complete change of plans and make new ones.

When all else fails, try to see the funny side and have some chocolate 🙂

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