How do you balance life and work?

Dear working mum,

C A R E  G I V E R

That’s what you are called.

The norm most of us still have to live with is the role of the woman as the primary caregiver.

Mum has to do the school runs – attend school concerts, open days, help with homework and care for sick children – amongst other things.

In this way, every working mom has the added pressure of childcare (and/or husband care) in addition to any role she has at work.

Therein lies the age old question: How do you balance life and work?

I’ve come to the realisation that work is life and life is work and work life is your life’s work.

(tongue twister alert!)

It’s not really a case of balancing both but more about arranging both of them so they make room for each other as needed.

And this can only be achieved with a strong support system which includes – and is not limited to – your mother, siblings, and friends to your neighbours, and even technology:

Facetime, Skype etc – technology that helps to make my life as a working mother less tedious.


Video calling means that I get a sense of reassurance that I’ve seen my girl though she’s thousands of miles away.

On the weekend, we can be on a FaceTime call for hours; I’m getting on with things around the house, she’s moving along with her day as well and we just chat like we’re in the same house, catching up on each other’s lives.

Sometimes, she’ll start to cook and I’ll give her tips on different meals and the processes involved; all possible because we have this technology available at an affordable rate.

I remember when the idea of video calling was floated in the early 90s, I was one of those people who said an emphatic no.

Why do I want someone to see me when I’m talking on the phone? It seemed like a gross invasion of privacy.

Well, look at me now!

I can’t imagine not having video calling facilities.

You have to take and accept all the help you can get.

From grandmothers who double as baby sitters when you just have to be away to your friend/neighbour who has different work schedules, down to technology for doing homework or checking on their wellbeing when you’re stuck in the office.

The technology you hold in your hands is a fantastic assistant to the modern day working mom. You can also use calendars to keep track of children’s activities as well as work deadlines, set reminders and notifications for important dates and events.

Have you tried Google drive?

Kids can save their homework and you can review and make comments even when you’re far away for work/business.

Try out a these solutions for your ‘sanity’ this week and save some time and money.

Wishing you a productive week ahead.

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